Fear Management Course

2 days, Priorat, Tarragona

€180 per person

February 18 and 19

March 18 and 19

April 15 and 16

May 21 and 22

June 17 and 18


Monthly (Saturday and Sunday)

Spanish also

Fear Management Course 2


For people who have already done the Fear Management workshop, and want to continue learning in a safe context.

€110 per person (small groups)

1 day (Saturday) Priorat, Tarragona

Dates: to be confirmed or on demand

Twice a year

Rock Optimization Course

1 day, Priorat

1 person €200

2 people €130

3 people €95

4 people €80

Frequency: every 3 months or on demand

When the big fea disappears, we can see all the psychological aspects that we can work on to improve performance and our experience with sport.

In this course we observe and work with the four climbing factors: cognitive, emotional, strategic and technical. 

It is very personalized. 

If you feel that the psychological aspect is the one that is slowing down your progress on rock, you are very strong but you rock grade is still low, BUT you fall while climbing, you don’t  get paralyzed between two bolts, you don’t avoid falling at all costs, or climbing on sight, you will take advantage of this course.

ONLINE Fear Management Course

IN SPANISH !!! There are 3 recorded modules. English for 2024
First module:
Climb with or without fear
Second module:
Anxiety management
Third module:
Resources and tools

Workshop "The art of Projecting"

Climbing on sight and rehearsed

1 day, Priorat

3 people €125 (per person)

4 people €85

5 people €75

6 people €75

(ask me for 2-day version)

Strategic keys to work on a project. Associated psychological aspects.

Tools to improve on-sight climbing.

Frequency: 2 times a year or on demand

Workshop, Masterclass or Courses on request.

For climbing walls, events, climbing festivals, TEAM BUILDING for companies, etc., write me your proposal.